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Battle of Armageddon – Jesus the Triumph Jan 8 2022

1 h
Group size:
Up to 200

On the Agenda

End Times Revelations. During this time of COVID 19, the most read book in the Bible, is the Book of Revelations. In this lecture, we will dive deep into the meaning of the final battle on the plains of Megiddo – Armageddon. We will analyze the battle from a Jewish, Old Testament perspective – the same perspective used by John and Jesus

Your Guide, Omer Eshel

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How to prepare

Have a working pair of speakers, a functioning computer monitor or television screen, and a working internet connection. (You can also use VR goggles and headphones.)

If you'd like to interact with your guide during the tour, we recommend that you have a working microphone and webcam handy for asking questions . Otherwise, you can submit your questions in the group chat.

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Book Battle of Armageddon – Jesus the Triumph Jan 8 2022
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