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FAQs for DIVE Virtual Tourists:

Does DIVE have a virtual store of items I can buy from the country I'm touring?

Absolutely, you will receive a link to our online store after booking your tour, during your tour, and after your tour. Feel free to use the coupon provided by your community or tour guide for discounts in the store!

Can I leave a tip for the guide?

Absolutely, we encourage you to show your appreciation for the guides on DIVE, there will be a tip option at the conclusion of your tour.

What happens if a tour guide cancels a virtual experience, can I receive a refund?

Your payment will not be submitted until you have concluded your virtual experience. If the experience is cancelled by the guide or DIVE, your card will not be charged.

Can I record my virtual tour and share it on social media?

We prefer that you don't, not only does it do an injustice to our platform's capabilities and interactivity between users; our expert guides and content creators have worked very hard to provide this experience for you, please respect their efforts. Also note that the content on our website is subject to copywrite.

Can my friends or family watch the tour through the link I've received?

We would appreciate if, when booking your tour, you can add the amount of people that will be participating in the experience and pay their participation fee, however, DIVE will not incur penalties on users that invite other participants to their screens.

    I need help as a virtual tour guide

    How many sites can we visit on our tour?

    Technically there is no specific limit, but we recommend, given the timeframe for an average tour (60 minutes), not to exceed three separate sites in one tour.

    One of my participants is having technical difficulties during the tour, what can I do?

    If they are able, please tell them to write in the chat “tech support” and we will try to fix the issue directly with the participant. You can pause the tour for a few minutes to see if the problem is resolved quickly. If we are unable to resolve the issue, please continue providing the tour experience to the other members. If the participant is unable to rejoin or is delayed in rejoining the tour significantly, he/she will be entitled to a full or partial refund.

    I’m navigating in a tourism site, and I click on a location I want to guide to, but it takes me somewhere else, what do I do?

    The virtual tour we have created has boundaries, sites are often large and include many elements and areas that we can’t cover during our filming days. You will be able to see the path we have filmed in the “Dollhouse,” or notice which paths offer a consistent forward movement. Alternately, to see which way we walked while filming, you can use the navigation keys on the keyboard (forward and backwards, side to side to pan the view). If you find that a crucial part of a site is missing during your tour, please contact us and let us know what you’d like us to capture on our next filming opportunity.

    Will the audience see if I open separate tabs on my screen or navigate away from the tour screen?

    No, the audience can only see the virtual tour screen of the site you have selected to guide in. They can’t see your screen or controls.

    How can I direct people to the online virtual store?

    Direct your participants to click on the link “store” on their tour screen. They will be redirected in their browser to a separate window with the virtual store.