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The question for many investors could be whether they are pronouncing the name correctly. The Dogecoin community has used the currency to raise charity donations of up to $30,000 for causes such as sending service dogs to families with children. This surge was also fueled by influential tech CEO and billionaire Elon Musk, who had seemingly tweeted in support of the coin. Fans of the NASCAR ’14 video game will also get the chance to race the Dogecoin car for themselves when it is added in an upcoming DLC pack. In fact, they have featured the scheme on a DLC pack that costs $0.99 on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. This was followed by a series of Dogecoin-related tweets by Musk in early February 2021 captioned “Dogecoin is the people’s crypto” and “no highs, no lows, only Doge”.

There is no implemented hard cap on the total supply of Dogecoins. Nonetheless, in February 2014, Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer announced that the limit would be removed in an effort to create a consistent reduction of its inflation rate over time. In other words, the inflation rate improves over time starting at 5% in 2015 to less than 4% by 2019, 3% by 2027, and 2% by 2035. Originally formed as a “joke”, Dogecoin was created by IBM software engineer Billy Markus and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer.

As with the originaldoge meme, the pronunciation of Dogecoin is up for debate. According to Dogecoin cofounder Jackson Palmer, the correct pronunciation is , based on how it was pronounced in the Homestar Runner skit that inspired the doge meme’s name. In May 2021, the price of Dogecoin was up 10% in the hours after Musk tweeted a Reddit link for users to submit proposals to improve the cryptocurrency.

He finished twenty-eighth in the race due in part to a refueling issue; he was in twelfth place after a gas-and-go pit stop, but the gas can did not engage long enough, resulting in a second pit stop that took him towards the back of the pack. Eutechnyx, the developer of the NASCAR ’14 video game, added the Dogecoin car as a drivable car in a DLC pack. The Dogecoin community and foundation have encouraged fundraising for charities and other notable causes. On January 19, 2014, a fundraiser was established by the Dogecoin community to raise US$50,000 for the Jamaican Bobsled Team, which had qualified for, but could not afford to go to, the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Dogecoin’s origin as a “joke”, which makes it the first meme coin, has made it difficult to be taken seriously by mainstream media and financial experts. The cryptocurrency has had a long and problematic history of scams. Similar to many other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin has been described by some commentators as a form of Ponzi scheme. This is primarily because Dogecoin does not have a supply cap like other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which has a capped supply of 21 million coins. Dogecoin has instead a deliberately stable, “deterministic inflation” rate of Ð10,000 per block, with a block time of one minute. Exactly Ð5 billion in new Dogecoins will be created and enter circulation every year.

Dogecoin is based on Scrypt algorithm, and the transaction process is more convenient than Bitcoin. Dogecoin takes only 1 minute to confirm, while BTC takes 10 minutes. Dogecoin features the image of a Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu giving a curious sidelong glance. This picture is often referred to as the doge meme, popular online in the early 2010s. The meme displays a picture of Kabosu’s famed expression along with short, ungrammatical captions in Comic Sans.

dogecoin pronunciation

The next time you’re taking about that meme-themed cryptocurrency, feel free to say it however you want. Everyone around you will be sure to say “wow,” buecause whatever comes out of your mouth will likely be much correct. The moral here is that attempting to enforce a single, universal pronunciation of Dogecoin is largely antithetical to the entire spirit of the project. Dogecoin, and the community that’s sprouted organically to support it, is light-hearted and whimsical. There’s pretty much nothing less light-hearted and whimsical than correcting someone’s pronunciation.

On October 27, 2022, Elon Musk completed a deal to take Twitter private for $44 billion. This led to a sustained rise in Dogecoin from the 25th to the 29th, with the highest increase of 45.51%. It was reported back in 2013 that Musk thinks dogecoin can be used for Twitter transactions. The price of Dogecoin rose by 11% on May 20, 2021, shortly after Musk tweeted a Doge-related meme. On May 9, 2021, SpaceX announced a rideshare mission to the Moon completely funded by Dogecoin, thus becoming the first space mission funded by a cryptocurrency. DOGE-1 was planned to be a minor 40 kg rideshare payload on Intuitive Machines’ IM-1 mission in Q1 2022.

Industry News promotes the currency as the “fun and friendly Internet currency”, referencing its origins as a “joke”. Software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer launched the satirical cryptocurrency as a way to make fun of Bitcoin and the many other cryptocurrencies boasting grand plans to take over the world. Within two weeks, Dogecoin had established a dedicated blog and forum, and its market value has reached US$8 million, once jumping to become the seventh largest electronic currency in the world.

  • Coincidentally, his father Phil was the owner of the team that fielded the original Dogecoin-sponsored car in 2014.
  • Markus reached out to Palmer after seeing the site, and started efforts to develop the currency.
  • As of July 2022, DOGE has fallen below US$0.07, and its US$8.9 billion market cap makes it the tenth-largest cryptocoin.
  • DeFi linked coins use decentralized applications (“dApps”) to transact and trade on decentralized exchanges .
  • Dogecoin in german pronunciations with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more.
  • Following these tweets, the value of Dogecoin rose by roughly 40%.

Following these tweets, the value of Dogecoin rose by roughly 40%. On March 25, 2014, the Dogecoin community successfully raised Ð67.8 million (around US$55,000 at the time) in an effort to sponsor NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Josh Wise. Nicknamed the “Moonrocket”, the No. 98 car featured a Dogecoin/Reddit-sponsored paint scheme and was driven by Wise at the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway.

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While the price of Dogecoin is volatile, this volatility has its benefits. It allows investors to use strategies such as cryptocurrency day trading or scalping to profit from fast, short-lived price swings. Additionally, while the cryptocurrency may have begun as a “joke”, it was the 10th-largest cryptocurrency in the world in September 2021, with a market capitalisation of US$26 billion. Larger coins included Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Coin, Tether, and XRP. Dogecoin is a digital currency like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies called altcoins (hence the -coin in dogecoin).

Aaron Sankin is a former Senior Staff Writer at the Daily Dot who covered the intersection of politics, technology, online privacy, Twitter bots, and the role of dank memes in popular culture. He joined the Center for Investigative Reporting in 2016. Curious cursory research reveals how some slang dictionaries and authority sites chose to pronounce Dogecoin. Doge pronunciation varies across different English-speaking and non-English-speaking countries.

dogecoin pronunciation

Dogecoin is an altcoin with a large userbase, and is traded against both fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies on several reputable cryptocurrency exchanges and retail investment what is farm coin platforms. Dog,” so there isn’t a single obvious pronunciation for it. The pair worked as separate software engineers before joining forces to create the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

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The move to do so came despite the mainstream attention that was brought to the cryptocurrency by Elon Musk who made a string of comments online. However, neither work on the project anymore with Mr Markus telling the Wall Street Journal that he sold all of his dogecoin in 2015. As more investors appreciate decentralization, Dogecoin could benefit immensely. It’s one of the reasons why despite being a meme coin, Dogecoin has experienced explosive growth. You can buy DOGE on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, where you can register and create an account for free and buy Dogecoin.

dogecoin pronunciation

Dogecoin in german pronunciations with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more. “SpaceX accepts Dogecoin as payment to launch ‘DOGE-1 mission to the Moon’ next year”. Jackson Palmer accidentally invented Dogecoin in early December … Within the first 30 days there were over a million visitors to On June 16, 2022, Elon Musk was named in a complaint seeking damages of $258 billion. The complaint was filed in federal court in Manhattan by plaintiff Keith Johnson.

Wise and the car were featured for nearly a minute, during which the race commentators discussed Dogecoin and the crowdfunding effort, while finishing twentieth and narrowly avoiding multiple wrecks. As of July 2022, DOGE has fallen below US$0.07, and its US$8.9 billion market cap makes it the tenth-largest cryptocoin. Crowdsourced audio pronunciation dictionary for 89 languages, with meanings, synonyms, sentence usages, translations and much more. It is a software that also has a payment system with a coin embedded with the Shiba Inu Japanese dog. Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. Dogecoin is based off the Doge meme, which features a skeptical looking Shiba Inu surrounded by captions depicting its grammatically challenged inner monologue rendered in multicolored Comic Sans.

How Do You Pronounce Dogecoin?

One major mainstream commercial application of the cryptocurrency has been Internet-based tipping systems, in which social media users tip other users for providing interesting or noteworthy content. In January 2021, Dogecoin went up over 800% in 24 hours, attaining a price of US$0.07, as a result of attention from Reddit users, partially encouraged by Elon Musk and the GameStop short squeeze. In February 2021, Dogecoin hit a new high price of US$0.08 following Twitter encouragement from Musk, Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons. In January 2014, the trading volume of Dogecoin briefly surpassed that of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies combined.

Palmer was an Adobe system marketer when he created the cryptocurrency based on a meme. The correct symbol for Dogecoin currency is either Ð or D. For example, “Tammy has Ð300.” Its abbreviation for conversions is XDG, so it could be said that “2,100 in XDG is equivalent to ___ in USD,” with the blank number depending on current conversion rates. While some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin enjoy a high conversion rate to popular mainstream currencies, Dogecoin is usually worth much less in its exchange rate. A slang term in the cryptocurrency and technology media and community for an alternate cryptocurrency, or, de facto, any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin.

Dogetipbot was a cryptocurrency transaction service used on popular sites like Reddit and Twitch. It allowed users to send Dogecoins to other users through commands via Reddit comments. In May 2017, Dogetipbot was discontinued and taken offline after its creator declared bankruptcy; this left many Dogetipbot users losing their coins stored in the Dogetipbot system.

Dogecoin is based on the Scrypt algorithm, and the transaction process is more convenient than Bitcoin. Although Dogecoin typically has a historically low value , it has enjoyed a longstanding popularity rarely earned by cryptocurrencies. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO-7) learns how to pronounce “Dogecoin”. On December 14, 2021, Dogecoin spiked more than 20% after Elon Musk said that Tesla will accept the currency as a means of payment for Tesla merchandise. Coincidentally, his father Phil was the owner of the team that fielded the original Dogecoin-sponsored car in 2014.

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